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    Alaska's assessment system includes PEAKS, Performance Evaluation for Alaska's Schools. The assessment measures skill and concepts covered in Math, English Language Arts, and Science. Parent and Community Resources: https://education.alaska.gov/tls/Assessments/PEAKS.html



    NWEA Measures of Academic Progress Online Testing

    NWEA MAP Parent Toolkit 

    Grades 1 - 10
    Administered in the Fall and Spring

    Your child will take tests called Measures of Academic Progress®(MAP®). We give students MAP tests to determine your child’s instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year. 

    As we continue to meet the challenges of the federal and state government regarding performance expectations, look to see Valdez Schools continue to forge ahead.  Often times when issues (testing) are tied to the state or federal government, timelines are critically delayed…leaving our children behind!  Look to see localized testing (MAP-Measure of Academic Progress) expanded from our elementary school to the upper grades.  This is credible testing, nationally normed, and able to be given locally at our discretion with results immediately available to our staff allowing for critical planning to occur without the delay of 4-5 months associated with state tests.


    AIMSWeb Measurement for Progress Monitoring

    About AIMSWeb

    Grades K-5

    Administered in the Fall and Spring

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