• Routines & Procedures

    Hallway Expectations

    1. Follow voice-level chart – voice-level zero
    2. Face forward, with hands to self
    3. Walk to the right


    1. When applicable, homework packets will be sent home on Friday and are due the following Friday.
    2. Students are allowed to retake tests or make corrections on assignments.

    Make-up Work

    1. Allow one day for every one day absent
    2. For extended absences, two (2) weeks make-up time may be allowed at the discretion of the building administrator.

    Grades for achievement shall be reported each marking period as follows:

    Grades 1-2:

    AP = Advanced level of performance

    P = Proficient level of performance

    NP = Nearing proficient level of performance

    BP = Below proficient but progressing

    WBP = Well below proficient

    NYA = Not yet assessed


    Social Skills

    S = Satisfactory

    N = Needs Improvement



    Kindergarten is an individualized program to accommodate each child's level of readiness and, therefore, reporting is more of a checklist of readiness than of academic progress.

    The following marking system will be used in reporting a child's readiness progress in kindergarten for report card purposes:

    S = Satisfactory, meets required standard

    N = Needs practice, has not developed skills to meet expected standard

    I = Improvement shown, is beginning to meet standard

    Positive Behavior Support Plan

    Classroom Rules:

    • Try our best.
    • Be kind to others.
    • Follow directions.
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects in our own space.


    The students can earn small rewards for following the classroom rules that are based on individual needs. The rewards may include stickers or choice of classroom activity (computer time, puzzles, games).


    Reminder – given to a student for a minor violation of a responsibility or rule, or when a student temporarily forgets what he/she should be doing at a particular time. (i.e. staying on task or interrupting).

    Students may have individualized behavior plans if they are needed.

    If student behavior is deemed to be aggressive or results in the injury of another person, procedures may escalate.


    Individual Supply Kit  (ISK):

    Please consider each of the following for your child’s ISK.

    1. Clean shirt
    2. Pack of mints/gum
    3. Pair of clean underwear
    4. Protein or granola bar
    5. Toothbrush & toothpaste
    6. Packets of wipes or sanitary items
    7. Bottled water
    8. Space blanket (approx….$6) found at South Central Hardware or Prospectors
    9. Emergency contact information with at least three people who can be contacted during an emergency.

    All of these kits will be stored in one locker in the hallway.