• About the Panorama Student Survey

    One part of continuous improvement is the student survey, also known as the Panorama Student Survey. All students in grades 3-12 are eligible to participate in the Panorama Student Survey.

    The Panorama Student Survey is designed for schools to gather student perception data about teaching, learning and school climate. Panorama provides developmentally appropriate versions of the survey for students in grades 3-5 and students in grades 6-12 applicable to all types of school settings and to communities serving students from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds. The survey exists as a series of scales, or sets of survey questions related to a single topic. Some of the following topics are  selected for the VCS Panorama Student Survey to measure student perceptions of teaching and learning in a particular class and schools in general:

    Classroom Experience

    • Classroom Engagement: How attentive and invested students are in class.
    • Classroom Rigorous Expectations: How much student feel that a specific teacher holds them to high expectations around effort, understanding, persistence and performance in class.
    • Classroom Teacher-Student Relationships: How strong the social connection is between teachers and students within and beyond the classroom.
    • Classroom Climate: Perceptions of the overall social and learning climate of the classroom.
    • Pedagogical Effectiveness: Perceptions of the quality of teaching and amount of learning students experience from a particular teacher.

    Whole School Experience

    • School Belonging: How much students feel that they are valued members of the school community.
    • Valuing of School: How much students feel that school is interesting, important and useful.
    • School Safety: Students' perceptions of their physical and psychological safety while at school.

    The Panorama Student Survey results provide information based on student feedback that teachers can use to drive professional development and facilitate collaboration between peers. Student perceptions of instructional practices help identify a teacher's strengths and areas for growth, providing detailed feedback about what students experience every day. Decades of research have shown that student perceptions strongly correlate with learning outcomes and can be an important improvement tool for school systems.

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