Educator Effectiveness - Professional Growth Model

  • Growth Model Philosophy

    Valdez parents, staff, students and community members are committed to a strong education program for the students of Valdez City Schools.  An effective professional evaluation system that focuses on professional growth and excellence in job performance is a key component of this program.


    The primary focus of evaluation is to improve instruction, motivate and assist certified staff, identify effective teaching and administrative performance, assist certified staff in improving competence, inform professional development, retain effective professionals, and ultimately foster professional growth. Professional evaluation requires certified employees to meet the established Alaska Performance Standards.  The evaluation process must be continuous and constructive and reflect areas of strength as well as opportunities for growth. It is a cooperative effort on the part of the staff, students, parents, and community and must take place in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. It is designed to encourage dialogue between staff and supervisor, in order to promote professional growth.