Welcome to Valdez City Schools

  • Valdez City School's mission is schools, parents, and community united in education for life: Instructing, inspiring, and empowering every student in a safe environment. We do this by offering a challenging curriculum across all four schools  - Hermon Hutchens Elementary, Gilson Middle School, Valdez High School, and Valdez Homeschool Program. Students enjoy a rich educational experience from Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade through the collaborative efforts of engaging teachers, administrators, and staff. We strive for excellence through every academic and extracurricular opportunity. 

    Families New to Valdez  - Valdez continues to be the community with promise.  We encourage you to visit our schools and enroll your children. The district office is available to assist with the enrollment process over the summer months. Beginning in August there will be someone at each of the schools who can assist in the enrollment process.

    A Message from the Superintendent- I have never been more proud to be your Superintendent than I am right now. Thank you for working with us to support your students in learning at home, in tandem with our teachers. We realize that this has been an incredible adjustment. I assure you, if we were able to bring every child back to our school today, we would do so in a heartbeat. The students have been missed. I am sure that the students have missed their teachers and checking in with other school staff members. However, following the Governor's press conference tonight, Alaska's schools will continue to be dismissed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Continue Reading