Welcome Back!

  • Welcome Back for the 2022-2023 School Year!

    We're excited to have everyone back for a new school year. With August and the opening of school fast approaching, there is a lot of information for new and returning parents.

    The handbooks for each of our schools are currently being edited and will be up for your convenience after the 1st of August. If you do not find the information you need, here are the points of contact. 

    Shannon Groundwater, Admin. Assistant to the Superintendent- 907.834.4701 or sgroundwater@valdezcityschools.org

    Billie Comer, HHES Administrative Assistant- 907.835.4728 or bcomer@valdezcityschools.org

    Kim Hansen, GMS Administrative Assistant- 907.834.2244 or khansen@valdezcityschools.org

    Tristy Morrison, VHS Administrative Assistant- 907.835.4767 or tmorrison@valdezcityschools.org

    Samatha Addler, VHS Building Secretary- 907.835.4767 or saddler@valdezcityschools.org






Student Handbooks and Calendar