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Adam Sharrai

Hello!  Adam Sharrai here from Valdez, Alaska.  While working construction throughout highschool and college I finished my degree at the University of Idaho in 1993 and began my teaching career completing 6 incredible years in Sandpoint, Idaho.  In 1999, my wife and I decided to relocate to Alaska and have been here ever since with our two children.  The past 23 years I have been teaching mathematics , 6-12 up through calculus 2, along with psychology, sociology, advanced studies, academic decathlon, current events, p.e., and statistics depending on what is currently being offered.  I love sports and have coached all but 3 of my 29 years in either track, X-country, or volleyball.  If there were a downhill ski-team or a snow-machine team I would be consumed in that as well.  I passed the torch as varsity volleyball coach and have moved from the math department into the wood shop.  I am loving my new assignment and looking forward to sharing my construction background and keeping up with current trends in materials and manufacturing as well.  Throughout the last three years we have added an LMS laser, and Shark CNC HD4, along with several tools for building studio's producing two so far along with seveval other projects.  I am looking forward to many new projects and practicing this year as well.   I have Woods 1, Woods 2,  Psychology, Sociology, Construction Trades,  Work Base Learning,  and JR. High Exploratory Woods. 

I love learning and being a part of helping others discover and critically think.  I know that having goals is always a positive enhancement for any day and enjoy helping others find some of their passion for what a days potential may offer.     My true passion, however, is the back-country---really anywhere--- and every season that provides the smiles in life fueling my dreams of tomorrow.    Smile with Life!