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    Welding 1

    This course will introduce the fundamentals of welding including but not limited to: Oxy-Acetylene torch and welding operation, Stick (SMAW) welding operation, and steel and Aluminum MIG (GMAW) welding operations. Instructional topics will include the safe set up and operation of the equipment mentioned above, base metal preparation, use of fabrication tools and methods. This course is a prerequisite for Welding 2 and Marine Fabrication.

    Welding 2

    This level two course is designed to enhance previously learned skills (SMAW, GMAW, Hand and Power tool use, Oxy Fuel Cutting, Plasma Cutting) and develop new concepts in Welding, with an emphasis in TIG Welding (GTAW), use Fabrication of tools, and safe work practices. Other area of emphasis will be the use of CAD/CAM programs to create components with the CNC Plasma Table. Students will be learning the skills required for entry-level employment in the Welding & Fabrication Career Field and to prepare them for the Marine Fabrication course. Student projects will be based on skill level. 

    Marine Fabrication

    This course is centered around the fabrication of marine watercraft. Students will be introduced to marine terminology and will use various hand tools, power tools, and fabrication tools including but not limited to: Aluminum TIG Welding, Aluminum MIG Welding, T-bevels, Circular saws, grinders, tubing benders and press brakes, to construct a boat. Day to day activities will vary based off of students understanding and ability. Previous safety standards from welding 1 and 2 will apply. 

    Small Engines

    This class will focus on operations, maintenance, and repair of small gasoline engines. Instructional topics include principles and operations of internal combustion engines, disassembly, repair/service procedures, and reassembly. 


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