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Destination Exploration

  • Destination Exploration Tuesday, January 24th, Grades 2-5th, 3:00-4:20 pm

    An afternoon of fun activities, exploring educational concepts: Art, Science Experiments, Math, Poetry and more. Activities vary each month. The activity is help every other month, date to be determined.

    ** Sponsored by Federal Grants and Safe & Drug Free Schools Funding

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Homework Helper

  • Homework Helper (M, W, TH)

    Grades 3-5th, 3:00-4:20 pm

    Homework Helper features homework assistance with Mrs. Colapietro in room #91.

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Open Music

  • Rocking Rams Morning Music, 5th Grade, 7:50-8:10 am

    Choir: Mon. & Wed. Beginning Band: Tues., Thurs., & Fri.

    For more information contact Mrs. Bauman at

RAMS - Reading & Math Study

  • RAMS logo RAMS (M, W, TH) Grades 2-5th, 3:00-4:20 pm
    RAMS is an after the bell study program for students who need assistance with homework or academic skills. Opportunities for progressing to new skills and standards will also be provided for students when they complete their homework assignments. This activity is overseen by Mrs. Mullins & Mrs. Johnston in the Computer Lab.

Special Activity

  • Hour of Code Wednesday, December 7th, Grades 3-5th, 3:00-4:20 pm

    The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer programming, designed to demystify code and show that anyone can learn. Students in 3rd-5th grade are invited to join Mrs. Mullins our Technology Teacher in the Computer Room.

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